The Best PC Gaming Build You can Get in 2018

Best Gaming PC Build
So you finally decided to switch to the big leagues, right? Good for you buddy, now you will experience gaming like nothing else in this world, take a long look at game consoles, you will breathe a sigh of relief when you finally get to see what a gaming PC can achieve when you manage the right build. Be ready to spend some money though, unlike a game console a PC build needs a proper budget, and you can get a machine that can last quite a few years right now with just about $1,800 to $2,000.

Let’s break down the main performance features you are looking for with a powerful gaming computer: the first one is power to process data, so going with anything under an i7 processor is out of (more…)

Here is why Indie Games Are Becoming More Appealing each Day

Let’s talk about video games here for a minute. Have you noticed how the big IP of the biggest studios use the same repetitive formula over and over until it dies out, gets redesigned and offered as something again? It’s a rinse and repeat process that it has been happening for years now and the gaming community is taking notice one game at a time.

Take a moment to watch closely a game like Call of Duty: Blacks Ops (now up to four different releases to this day). If you take a moment to look for comparison videos between each sequel of the game, you will notice a (more…)

Retro Gaming House’s Retropie Review

Retropie game consolesLet’s take a moment to play the devil’s advocate with technology. Most guys out there certainly love to play their video games along the lines of the latest releases on state of the art PC gaming systems or gaming consoles. PlayStation, X-Box One and Nintendo Switch are the dominant players in the market because they are very popular with gamers from all ages. But then there is this select group of niche gamers that just love their old school (more…)

Ps4’s Exclusives Review: Spider-Man

Spiderman PS4 Cover
Spider-Man is not a character short of love in the video game world. The character had one of the most popular arcade machines back in the 90’s with a few oddball characters teaming up with him to deal with his Rogue’s gallery from New York, through Latveria and back. While the animated shows of the era made Spidey a popular character among kids, he received the occasional (more…)